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Things that could be affecting your indoor air quality

Besides servicing the unit, it was in serious need of ductwork cleaning.

There had to be a reason why the house was so stuffy. It was in the middle of summer, yet I had opened all the windows. The air conditioning install was not doing a good job cooling the house and hence the decision to open the windows and doors as we cleaned every nook and cranny of the house. As we were cleaning the garage, which acted as a storage area, I came across some documents, including an a/c care program. I had made plans to buy an air purifier at the time, but since nobody in my household has any allergies, I discarded the idea. I was shocked to see the date, and it was evident that it had been too long since the ac received quality HVAC service. It must have been the reason why the air quality in the house was poor. We finished up, and I called the local service provider for HVAC maintenance. After making the call and setting an appointment for later in the afternoon, I rushed to check the ac filter before the HVAC technician had a lifetime shock. It was dirty but not as much as I had expected. Replacing the filter was the only thing we remembered to do regarding ac care. When the air conditioning expert came, it took him a few minutes to discover what was the major problem. Besides servicing the unit, it was in serious need of ductwork cleaning. The last time we had it done was more than six years ago. That day I asked the tech many questions, and I learned more about HVAC. I thought of installing an indoor air cleaning system, but that would come much later.
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