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Tips for improving air quality this spring

I was excited this spring because I would be visiting my mum in the land of wine, the state with the most vineyards.

I was looking forward to it.

I loved being in the vineyards and participating in the process of crushing the grapes. I would also spend time with mum, whom I had not seen for one whole year. I finished up with my last job of the day which was executing an air conditioning install at a hospital downtown. I worked as a local service provider in town. My profession was centered more on HVAC and I enjoyed it. I made sure to replace my air filters before I left as I wanted to come back to a fresh house free from dust. When I got to mum’s, I found that she had prepared my best meal and of course a glass of wine to down the food with. The only downside was the low quality of the indoor air. I gave mum tips on how to improve the air quality. First off, we carried out a much-needed HVAC maintenance on the system. This included ductwork cleaning and replacing the disgustingly dirty filters. The junk we removed from the vents was unbelievable. During the one quality ac service session, she had not cleaned the ducts. I also got mum a new indoor air cleaning system to help keep indoor air clean. The air purifier could also keep the filter and a/c system clean and functioning optimally. As an air conditioning expert with experience, I shared with mum the a/c care program that I follow and summarized it to her. A good HVAC technician will advise a customer on proper a/c care after every job session.

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