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Took a little while for the AC expert to show up

I had no idea in the slightest how it would be to stay with my aunt for the warm season.

Since she moved from the city, we hadn’t been to her current farmhouse… But, all the images online plus videos she sent us made me want to visit.

It basically seemed the space where her farm was situated had incredible views. This would be the most suitable venue for me to work on my photography. Mom agreed to drive me plus both of us had to spend as long as 4 hours on the road to get to the destination. My aunt had constantly said it was pretty much heaven on earth, but even that was something of an understatement. We genuinely felt so peaceful as both of us were looking at the rolling hills plus forests around taking shape. My aunt was waiting for us in the town so both of us could follow her to the farm… Her property truly was beautiful but she told us she was having a certain problem with the A/C equipment. It was totally warm inside, but not too much since all the windows were open. She explained that her A/C equipment had failed that afternoon plus she was waiting for an A/C equipment worker to come by. We took my bags in plus waited a long while for the A/C equipment worker to arrive. Thankfully, he showed up in the evening regardless of my aunt thinking he’d transfer the appointment to the next afternoon. The A/C equipment worker was apologetic explaining some repairs had taken longer than anticipated. He went ahead to check the A/C equipment plus do several repairs which caused it to easily start working that afternoon. We thanked the A/C worker for his fine work plus settled in to care about the amazing sunset. This was sincerely one of the most charming sites I had ever been to in my life.


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