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Got it for nothing

It isn’t usual that I take special offers emailed to me.

But my local electric company has been sending these emails for the last year about giving away a smart thermostat to anyone who wanted one.

I thought surely this is some kind of spam and had to have a catch. No one was going to give away hundreds if not thousands of smart thermostats for free! Well, I called them finally to inquire and there was no catch. They were giving away all these smart thermostats because they had a whole back stock of them that they couldn’t sell. This was because most people buy thermostats from an outlet store or their local heating and air conditioning company. So after finding out the facts I took the offer and got the smart thermostat. I never intended on getting a smart thermostat for my home because I really didn’t believe in them and was used to my old dial thermostat. Well I am glad I got it and tried it out because I love it. The smart thermostat is so convenient by being able to control my central heating and air conditioning system from virtually anywhere in the house or even the world! Not to mention the smart thermostat helps in reducing energy use of the heating and air conditioning system. And to think, I got the smart thermostat for free. You can not beat that! I think I should have done this a lot sooner when they first sent out the emails, but I was just too skeptical about a catch being there.



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