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They were totally right

I am forever grateful to my personal and very friendly heating and air conditioning specialist.

  • I hire an independent heat and a/c worker to take care of all my HVAC needs.

The last time he was at my house doing my seasonal heating and air conditioning system tune up he gave me a great energy saving tip that at first made no sense to me and I thought he was crazy. But he convinced me to make a small investment and try it out. That was to buy a portable air conditioning system this summer to use in combination with my central air conditioner. The idea was to use the portable air conditioning system half the day and then use the central a/c the other half of the day and this would heavily decrease my electric bill within the next month or so. I spent the 400 and some dollars on the portable air conditioning system and I was very happy to see that the air conditioner actually cooled my entire living room or whatever room I was in fast and without issues! At times I would even forget that my central air conditioning system was not even running! So anyway, I tried this for about a month and a half and as it turns out, it really worked. The savings on my electric bill was amazing! I am forever grateful to my independent heat and a/c specialist for the wonderful energy saving tip he gave. I will make my 400 bucks back in no time in savings!

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