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Don't trust people that are not HVAC professionals

You should never have somebody that isn’t a heating and air conditioning specialist work on your heating or cooling system.

  • This is something that I have to learn the hard way.

I had a fairly simple issue with my heating and AC system but the problem was that I didn’t know how to fix it. I didn’t want to pay the extra money it costs to get a heating and AC worker to come out here. All the local heating and cooling companies are expensive and so I figured it would be cheaper If instead I just contacted a handyman. I was able to find a handyman that claims he knew how to repair heating and air conditioning systems. This was when I should have been skeptical but I didn’t think anything of it, he said he knew how to repair the heating and cooling system so I believed it. He came out here and did some work on my HVAC unit and then after a little while told me he couldn’t fix. He seemed to leave and hurry and I found out that he had somehow managed to damage it even more! He was no HVAC technician and now I had a damaged heating and a/c unit. I had to call the heating and cooling professionals to come out and fix it. Now I had to learn the hard way that calling the professionals was what I should have done the first time. But since I have learned my lesson, I know I won’t be doing this again.

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