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Not all road trips go as planned

I have always been a really big fan of road trips ever since I was really young, it all started when I was 8 years old and my parents took me on my first friendship. We were going to an amusement park. I will never forget the experience, these experiences of sitting in the backseat with my younger brother, listening to our favorite songs with our parents all day and singing along to every one of them, and enjoying the nice cool AC of the car. The destination was awesome but the journey was nearly just as fun. Ever since my first experience I have tried to take a road trip every few years or so. They are just something that I never get tired of. However, not all road trips go to plan and when I set out to go and visit some other states and do some sightseeing, which was something I had wanted to do for quite a long time I found that I started to have problems. I had taken the trip in the middle of the hot summer and my air conditioning system in my car suddenly stopped working. It didn’t take long before the car quickly started to heat up and it became unbearable before long. I was forced to pull into an auto shop to get my air conditioning system fixed right then and there. Thankfully they had me fixed in about an hour and I was back on the road again but it was definitely not a fun unplanned stop.

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