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The parrot was talking about HVAC systems

Just the other day I went down to the local heating and AC business to pick up some new air filters.

When I walked in the store doors I noticed two things right away, the first one was that the air was nice and crisp and cold.

Whatever commercial air conditioning system they were using was obviously doing this job very well. A sure sign that this heat and AC business sold quality products. The second thing I noticed was that I kept hearing over and over someone saying “buy an air conditioner” . I must have heard it 10 times in a row and the voice was strange. I decided to follow the noise to see who was going off like a broken record, to find that the ” person” doing this over and over wasn’t a person at all. It was a large parrot on a T stand that was telling every single customer that came in to buy an air conditioning system. I asked about the bird and even the cooling technician told me that the bird was the owner’s bird and that he trained the bird to tell people to buy things. I thought that was pretty funny and pretty clever. Apparently it works too, the bird’s beauty and cuteness drew in a lot of customers and made them want to buy things. I didn’t need a new air conditioning system as I already had a perfectly good one but I did purchase some air filters. I will be able to use the air filters for a while.



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