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Free air filters from the heating and a/c business

Recently, we had a new heating and AC company come to town.

In order to get approval from the townspeople, they decided to go around to start giving free air filters out to anybody that wanted one.

They wanted their customers to associate the free filters with their brand, and I can’t blame them for wanting this kind of association. Their customers have a positive experience with the free air filter, then they are more than likely going to come back to the same HVAC business for more and that will help the heating and AC business to make more money off of their HVAC products. When I had a heating and AC technician come to my house and ask if I wanted a free air filter I happily agreed. This wasn’t even just any free air filter either, this wasn’t some cheap disposable filter, this was a full-blown HEPA filter that they gave me for free. HEPA filters not only really nice but a bit costly in my area too. So to get one for free was amazing. I put that bad boy right in my heating and cooling system and I had the best air quality for 3 months before I needed to change it again. That’s the best air quality I can remember having in forever. I was completely sold on these air filters, after the HEPA filter was changed I went back and bought new ones from the same Heating and cooling business.


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