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Repairing the HVAC myself

Yesterday I did what everybody tells you you’re not supposed to do, another to repair my own heating and air conditioning system. I know that this is the very thing that the HVAC professionals warn about and tell you that you shouldn’t do because of the risk of injury to yourself or to your heating and cooling system. But here’s the thing, I’ve always been really handy with things around the house. I just have a natural knack for it. So when my heating and air conditioning system started making weird noises I already had a pretty good idea as to what was wrong with it. I figured that it was probably clogged up because of all the stuff that had been landing on my HVAC unit outside. I went out there and took a look at it. It was indeed clogged until all I did was turn it off and remove the clog. I have no doubt that if it had been a more complicated issue that I would have needed a heating and AC professional but for something as simple as a clog I think I can handle it myself. I prefer repairing it myself if it saves me money because the heating and air conditioning businesses in my area charge you an arm and a leg for their services! Now the best part is that I have a working heating and cooling system again and the total amount of money I spent is a big fat zero on repairs. Now that’s the kind of outcome I like!

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