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Selling a used space heater

I have a well working space heater that I’ve been trying to get rid of for a little while now. I was originally asking 100 dollars for it, because of how great it is and how well it still works but after not getting anybody that was interested I decided to cut the prices off and made it only 50. That seems to work because almost right away I got somebody that was interested in purchasing my space heater. This individual did not seem to know very much about space heaters and how they function and so he asked me a lot of questions like how space years work, how many rooms can a space heater heat up, and what the price for them is at the local heating and air conditioning businesses. The ones that the local HVAC companies are for are more expensive than the ones I’m selling. I explained that a space heater is a portable heating system that allows you to heat your house using the portable heating system instead of using your central heating system. I explained the benefits and the ways a space heater can help save you money on your heating and cooling bills by lessening the reliance on your central heating and air conditioning system. I also mentioned the downsides of a space heater, like the fact that I can only heat one room and the fact that you don’t want them getting too hot. After all that I had said, the customer still wanted to buy my space heater and so I sold it to him. I’m happy to have it gone, now I will be getting for myself a brand new furnace.
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