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The air conditioner needed repairs

My husband and I are house flippers.

  • So we are always on the hunt for a good deal.

It can sometimes take a lot of money to renovate a house, even if we’re able to buy it cheap, but for the prices we can turn around and sell them for it’s all been worth it. This month we bought a brand new home, or brand new to us that is, that we saw had a lot of potential but needed a lot of work. One of the worst things that the house had was no heating and cooling system. The area where the HVAC unit normally would have been was just completely gone. The previous owner obviously ripped it out, and we knew that before being able to even think about selling this place we were going to need a brand new heating and air conditioning system and we were going to need a nice one. Thankfully, we have not one but multiple heating and AC corporations in our area. So I checked out all these different heating and AC businesses and chose one that offered us the best price. They were able to install a brand new heating and air conditioning system that same day. We couldn’t believe how fast we were able to get everything done! But it just so happens that the heating and AC business that was closest to us was having a sale and they weren’t very busy and so they could come out that same day to perform the installation once we purchased it. It was great having Heating and cooling again, but it’s just one box checked off of a list of many more things that need to be done.


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