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The whole home air purification system was the way to go

I’ve been using standing air purifiers for quite some time now.

But now I was looking for something a bit more than having to rely on multiple standing air purifiers.

When I was looking to get something more than a few standing air purifiers, I decided to contact my local heating and AC business and ask about other ways to purify the air in your home. Specifically, I was looking for something that would do it to the entire house without me having to have multiple units in every room like I did with the air purifiers. This is what I found out about whole home air purification systems. A whole home air purification system is a device that would allow you to control your indoor air quality in a similar way to how you control your heating and AC unit. They are not a cheap purchase, and are something normally only those that have a lot of money to spend having their homes. I was a bit disappointed when I found out the price but I was determined that if there was a will there was away, I started calling all the local heating AC businesses in my area to see who had the best price. It took me finding an HVAC company in another city but they just so happened to have a sale going on right at that moment and they had a whole home air purification system that was 20% off. It was so costly and I would have to dip into my savings, but I figured it was worth it if it meant I could control the indoor air quality in my home and so I made the purchase. Even better, the whole home air purification system worked with the smart thermostat I had. Now I would have the perfect indoor climate.


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