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You can never have too much warmth

When you live in a cold environment you can never have too much warmth.

I live in an area where the temperature regularly drops well below zero in the winter. So I do not rely on just one heating system. In my opinion, relying on a heating system wouldn’t be a wise decision. Because if that one heating system stops working then you could freeze. To make sure that I always have access to Heating and I have multiple heating systems. I have a radiant heated flooring, fireplace, and a very nice oil furnace that I use every winter. The oil furnace is my main source of heat. The heated flooring works in addition to the oil furnace by heating the floor and not just the air. This keeps the house really toasty, and if something happens to the central heating system, then I always have my fireplace that I can light and use. I have a lot of heating systems but I think it’s good to be prepared. I have never had to use any of my backups yet and I hope that it will stay that way. The only downside to having this many heating systems is having them regularly maintained and serviced. I just had my oil furnace service a week ago by the local heating and AC technician. It should be ready to use and good to go for quite some time now. It is nice having a toasty home that you can enjoy and relax in.

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