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Your health is impacted by your indoor air

Did you know that your health is impacted by your heating and cooling system? Surprisingly it is true, but if you asked most people I would bet that the majority probably wouldn’t know this fact.

When most people think of their heating and AC system they don’t think of their health.

They just think of their indoor comfort. They think of their heating system when they’re cold and I want to warm themselves up and I think of their air conditioning system when they’re hot and they want to cool down. I’ve heard from using the heating and cooling system specifically for temperature reasons, people might think of their heating and AC systems when it’s time to repair them or have them turned up by their local heating and AC business but very few in my experience think of how a HVAC system can impact your health. And he didn’t go into some kind of impact on your health because of the indoor air quality. A good heating and cooling system will produce good indoor air quality and that will be good for your health. However, an old or dirty heating and cooling system isn’t going to run very efficiently and could cause you to have bad indoor air quality. This bad indoor air quality could then cause you to have more health problems such as allergies. A good way to keep your indoor air quality in good shape is with the use of a good HVAC system and some standing air purifiers.
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