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A cat nap on my red Bed

I thought I was familiar with most rules about capitalization.

One of them tells you that you are not allowed to capitalize words at three letters or below in the title of a work unless they are verbs or the first and last words.

I guess that sounds reasonable until you get a title like the one that I just wrote In which every single word only has three letters or less. It looks rather awkward if you have only the first and last word capitalized in these cases. I guess I’m ranting out loud here, but anyway, I wanted to hit the beach today. I considered getting ready, but then I sat down on the couch and my two cats came over to sleep on top of me, which made me fall asleep. The air conditioner makes the room feel so good and the noise from it caused me to fall back asleep for about an hour. However, I eventually got up and got all my beach gear ready to go. The fall is getting into full swing, and the sun is going down faster, so I need to head out there and catch that vitamin D from the sun while I still can! You may think that my beach trips will come to an end once things really start getting cold and everybody starts using their furnace once more. However, that’s when my beach fun is just getting started! I actually enjoy exercising by swimming in the cold surf. The ice cold water feels very bracing on my skin and it actually wakes me up and helps get my blood pumping while I swim. I will admit that there’s nothing like going back home to a toasty house warmed by a great furnace. I’m always making sure my furnace is well maintained so that I can always return to a warm home after such beach trips. It’s the cherry on top of the Sunday to get a nice hot bath after being in the cold water for so long.

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