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A typical day for me

It was my plan to go out today to the beach, and I eventually ended up doing so.

Before I left, however, I ended up sitting down on my couch for a minute, and my two cats came over and laid on top of me.

The combination of their gentle purring and the comfortable feeling brought on by the air conditioner and its cool breeze and blowing fan put me right back to sleep for about an hour. It was alright, because it was the weekend, and I could afford to relax. After that, however, it was time to get my beach equipment and head out to the beach. I really want to get a lot of sun today, because I practically feel a vitamin D deficiency after spending so much time indoors throughout this week. It’s the middle of fall, so you may think that I would be hesitant to go to the beach and play in the ice cold surf, but that’s exactly what I want to do! I love swimming in cold water. It feels so good and bracing. I get good exercise and a nice refreshing feeling. Then, I head home to the warm comfort that my furnace provides me. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of walking through the front door, back into the warmth of my home. I sure am thankful I have such an effective furnace to keep me warm. However, after swimming around in an ice cold ocean, I have to admit that having a hot bath is also extremely relaxing and enjoyable.



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