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Do I really need to use my HVAC system so much?

This month, I’ve committed to cutting back on all of my spending.

The primary way that I’m going to save money is by not using my HVAC system nearly as much as I have been over the past few months.

My energy bill has skyrocketed, and it’s time to be a little bit more moderate with my energy usage. After all, I don’t need nearly as much cooling as I have been using. I’ve decided that I’m simply going to use a bunch of fans to keep cooler. It will certainly use up far less energy. My HVAC technician informed me recently that, in reality, heating costs a whole lot more than air conditioning in general. With the fall season upon us, I’ll definitely be keeping that in mind. I suppose I’ll simply wear a few extra layers during the winter instead of cranking up the heat so much. After all, he also informed me that HVAC service rates are going to go up significantly in the next few months. I’ll just wear extra clothing and snuggle up with my cats, because they generate heat rather well! I’ll still need to get my HVAC system serviced soon. I don’t think it’s running very efficiently, and I suspect that my high energy bill is a result of this. In any case, I hope to get a flatmate very soon. This will cut all my costs in half, so that will be a welcome respite from this crazy inflation we are experiencing. So, there you go, I’ve got a lot of saving to do.

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