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How to save money when using your HVAC system

I had a wake up call to just how much money I’m spending in general recently.

For one, my energy bill skyrocketed for some reason.

Actually, I think I know the reason. I can tell that my HVAC system is working way too hard to cool my home. It’s not nearly as efficient as it used to be. I suppose there’s a wide variety of things that could be wrong with it. I’ll have to call out an HVAC technician soon. He’s going to need to take a look at my furnace too, because it’s October and it’s my heater that I’m going to end up using soon, far more than my air conditioner. In the interim, I think I’m going to just use fans to cool down my house far more than the air conditioner. That should save me a ton of money on its own. My HVAC technician friend told me that heating actually ends up costing 50% more on your energy bill than air conditioning, on average in this area of the country. That was certainly an eye opener! I’ll definitely need my furnace looked at before the winter comes. I think I’ll use it as sparingly as possible. I’ll just wear extra layers and take more naps with my cats, who generate heat rather well. When it comes to cutting costs every way that I can, I’m looking at potentially bringing a friend on as a roommate in my apartment. From what we’ve been talking about, he may be willing to pay half of my living costs, which would be very helpful!



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