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I have an inventive method to exercise my legs

I wouldn’t say that I enjoy leg day all that much, however, I know that it’s absolutely necessary to have a well-rounded workout routine.

I have easy leg workouts that I do on the beach for free.

Yes, I used to pay for a gym membership, however, I grew tired of always driving out there and working inside a dimly-lit dungeon-like atmosphere. My leg workout involves using heavy plastic bags filled with sand, which I carry around and do lunges and broad jumps with. My HVAC specialist friend showed me this work out a long time ago and I’ve been doing it as much as possible ever since then. It’s an easy way to train your legs when you don’t have the benefit of barbells or weights. I have been working a lot at my heating and air conditioning company, and my knees have been hurting pretty badly, so I haven’t done these exercises in a while. This week, my knees seem to be healing up pretty well, so I think I’ll go for a little leg training on the beach. One of the reasons I enjoy doing leg day on the beach is that the sand is not so hard a surface to run on. I have a friend who experiences quite a lot of knee pain and she runs on concrete all the time, so I suspect that has something to do with it. Have a great day, and don’t forget to change that HEPA filter!


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