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Leg day and exercising as an HVAC technician

As an HVAC technician, my job requires a lot of strenuous physical activity.

  • I do end up burning a lot of calories at work, but I still want to do exercises to keep myself fit and toned.

One of my least favorite exercise days is, of course, leg day, and I know that I’m not alone when it comes to that! I used to go to the gym for all my exercise needs, but it got old. The gym wasn’t even all that great, and I was wasting money on the membership fee and the gas required to drive back and forth. Eventually, I decided that I could do many of the same exercises I was doing in the gym on my own with a little help. One exercise in particular was taught to me by a friend who also works at my HVAC company. He suggested that I tie bags full of sand to my legs for a little extra weight while I do my various exercises. I’ve been doing these exercises on the beach for quite some time now, and they have been effective exercises indeed. Lately, my knees are killing me, so I haven’t gone out in a while. Still, doing those leg exercises on the beach is better than doing any leg exercises on the concrete. I have another HVAC technician friend who runs all the time on the sidewalk in her neighborhood, and her knees are even worse off than mine. I’ve been trying to convince her to start doing leg exercises on the beach, although she doesn’t quite live as close to the beach as I do. It’s hard to do exercises when you’re getting older and your HVAC job already kicks your butt throughout the week, but I’m trying!


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