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Today is Leg Workout Day on the Beach

I wouldn’t say that training legs is my favorite thing to do but I know that it is necessary so I will go out and get it done.

I have a very simple leg workout that I do on the beach for free.

I used to belong to a gym but grew tired of the drive there each day and paying the bill each month to workout inside a dungeon. So my leg workout uses a big heavy plastic bag filled with sand in which I carry and do lunges and broad jumps with. My HVAC specialist friend showed me the workout long ago and I have been doing it ever since. It’s an easy way to train legs when you don’t have a barbell and weights. I have been working a lot with the local contractor lately and my knees have been hurting so I haven’t done them in a while. But today, my knees feel a lot better and I think my legs are good to go with a little leg training on the beach. I like training on the beach because the sand offers less of an impact than the hard road surface. My heating corp friend runs a lot in the streets and has all sorts of knee pain and I think it is all coming from the pounding she has been enduring over the years. I think it would behoove her to run in the sand more and save those knees from all of the pounding on the pavement. Have a good day and clean that HEPA filter!


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