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Don’t have any HVAC nearby

My life is so different from most people in this town.

I live on the Spanish coast and basically have nothing to my name as far as material things go.

All of my friends have houses, cars, boats, and all kinds of stuff, but very little free time to relax and chill like I get to do. I’ve made my life this way by choice and when I come back here to visit I kind of feel like a loser, although I really am doing just fine. They’re all making a ton of money as local contractors or local business owners, and I kind of feel inadequate when I try to measure what I have to what they have. But if you look at my life on the Spanish coast where I now live you would think that I am living a dream life. I don’t have an HVAC company where I have to work all day long, instead I do a little writing for some heating and cooling corps and then the rest of my time is spent chasing fun. I play drums and sing in a band in various towns near me and I play and teach beach volleyball the rest of the time. My dad was an HVAC expert and left us kids with a pile of money from what I’ve heard, so at least I got that goin for me when I get older and ready to retire. He worked in the heating and cooling industry doing heat pump repairs and ductwork cleaning and made a fortune in it.

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