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My bestie kept playing with the thermostat.

I threw a birthday party for my best friend last week.

She turned twenty-one, and we all wanted to celebrate with her.

She was the last in our friend’s circle to turn twenty-one. We planned for the party to be at my house, since I was the only one who didn’t have an apartment, or still live in the dorm. Somehow, our twenty guest party limit, turned into at least fifty people, and there was little room to move. I had a couple of windows open to cool it off, and I turned the thermostat down, so the furnace wasn’t constantly turning on. All the bodies in the house, was giving off enough heat that I didn’t need the furnace. Throughout the night, I heard the furnace running, and I would go over to the thermostat to check it. I usually had to move someone away, who was leaning against the thermostat. I thought it was accidentally being turned up, which is why the furnace was coming on. I turned the thermostat back down and said nothing. It was nearly midnight when I heard the furnace turn on again. I walked over to the thermostat, and my bestie was there. She told me someone kept turning the furnace off, and she was turning it back on for me. I almost laughed, because I never thought to tell my friends that I had turned the furnace off because of all the people. I couldn’t be mad at her, so I gave her a hug instead. She gave me a strange look, but she hugged me back.

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