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The hotel HVAC system was worse than ours.

We had to go to a hotel because of our furnace.

The HVAC technician told us the heat exchanger had a crack, and it wasn’t safe for us to be in the house.

The heat exchanger could put out a lot of off gases. The most deadly of the gases was carbon monoxide, which would cause you to become sleepy, but you would never wake up. It was odorless, colorless, and tasteless, so it was not noticeable, which made it even more deadly. We left the house until we could get a new furnace installed. We went to the local hotel that had a 4 star review, so we thought it was going to be clean and comfortable. It was clean, but it wasn’t comfortable. Their HVAC system was worse than ours, except we didn’t need to worry about carbon monoxide. My husband was up at least three times during the night, adjusting the thermostat. We both woke up soaked with perspiration, because it got so hot in the room. He turned the thermostat down, and an hour later, we were shivering. The kids were having the same problem in their room. If we weren’t waking up because of the temperature in our room, the kids were waking us up because of the temperature in their. The next morning, my husband discussed the HVAC system with the manager. He said we were here because it was supposed to be an excellent hotel, but their HVAC system was worse than the one we were escaping. He told us that if we weren’t happy with our accommodations, we could go to another hotel. I took off work that day, so I could pack our stuff again, and move to another hotel.

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