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Wilting in the heat

Our area is experiencing the worst drought we have had in over 100 years. We are almost 9 inches below our normal rainfall and things are starting to get serious. My yard actually crunches when I walk on it and we are all under a water advisory to try and reserve what water there is. I am thankful that I do not rely on a well to get water to my home. Along with the drought we have had more days over 90 degrees this year than I can ever remember. At the beginning of the season we planted many new flowers and shrubs. I am watering them just enough to keep them alive. There seems no relief in sight at this point. It is just the beginning of August and they are still forecasting heat and no rain. With all of this we have begun thinking about making some changes at our home. We can not have central air because we live in an old farmhouse that will not accommodate the ductwork. I am contacting our HVAC dealer about having wall units installed instead. I understand that they are very efficient and only require putting about a two inch home through to the outside of the house. Also, because they don’t have to try pushing the cold air through all the ductwork, they tend to cool off a space in a more timely manner. I am looking forward to our appointment and finding out the options available to us. My plants may be wilting from lack of rain but we feel like we are wilting from the heat as well.

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