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Going to a game and wishing there was a/c

This past weekend I went to a world game that broadcasted on TV.

This legitimately popular soccer game was a sizable tournament that several countries played in.

The atmosphere was unbelievable and I got to see a lot of my favorite soccer players. I cannot feel that the location was so packed and it was sold out. It was a hassle trying to get into the location because my associate and I had to wait to check in and my associate and I had to go to security as well. The whole time during the game I was dreading the process of leaving! Unluckyly the time came by quickly and my associate and I had to leave. Over 30,000 people trying to leave the location was a bit difficult because everything was so crowded and people are trying to get out of there as fast as they could. The one thing that legitimately did wish they had was air-conditioning. I was dripping with sweat the whole time and I could see everyone around me who were dripping with sweat too. It seems like they did have air-conditioning on because I could see some of the air vents and the air ducts but it was entirely more of a ventilation system than a Heating and A/C system where cool air would be coming out, plus the top of the location pulled away so you could see the sky. Once the game started and my associate and I were into it, my associate and I did not worry too much about the air conditioner. Once the game went on and it started getting dark, you could feel the temperature drop at least five degrees.

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