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Losing a rind down my sink and having to call plumber

Every weekend I go to the local flea market.

I like the local flea market because you can find a lot of really good deals.

Just last weekend I bought brand new shot glasses for my basement bar. I got 24 shot glasses for five bucks and they were still in the box. I also like to go to the flea market because I love jewelry. Jewelry is something that I wear every day. Every morning I have about three rings on my hands. While I was getting ready for work I had my rings on the edge of the sink. I knew I shouldn’t have placed them there in the first place because I ended up knocking one of the rings down into the drain. I did not have a drain guard on my sink that prevents anything from going down into it. I was really upset about this so I looked up online to see if there were any ways that I could remove the ring by myself. I ended up removing the ring and detaching the snake pipe from my sink but from there I had no idea how to find the ring. I just decided to call my local plumber to see if he could assist me. He told me that I had the right idea by turning off the water line and detaching the snake pipe from my sink. It took about 5 minutes for the plumber to locate my ring and retrieve it. He suggested that I clean the ring since there was sink pipe residue on it.

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