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Running toilet scares my child

I will always remember my childhood, especially at night.

I would always be so afraid of the dark that I required to have my parents put on multiple night lights, just in case I had to go to the bathroom during the middle of the night.

I always had to sleep with my closet door open as well I started to grow out of that phase when I turned about 4 years old. When I started having kids I was afraid that that trait was going to carry over to my child. It just so happened that it did. My child does the exact same thing that I did when I was his age. I have to make sure there are multiple night lights on in the house and I have to tuck him into bed at night and look around and make sure there is nothing in his room. There was one night when I heard him scream. This was because he heard a very strange sound coming from his room. He has a bathroom that is connected to his room and it turns out that his toilet was running. His toilet was running for hours and he thought it was some kind of monster in the bathroom. The next morning I had to call a professional plumber in order to take a look at the toilet. I know nothing about toilets and running water so I made sure to call the plumber. He had to replace one of the pumps in the toilet and it was a very easy fix, costing me not a whole ton of money.

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