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I thought I should be able to turn the gas furnace off.

I thought that when Wintertide ended, all I had to do was to flip a switch and the gas furnace would stop toiling.

I didn’t realize that the Heating and A/C supplier recommends you have the gas furnace professionally turned off for the winter.

I flipped the chop switch and turned off the gas furnace. When fall rolled around, I knew I had to call the Heating and A/C supplier to do repair on our gas furnace. I knew they cleaned the gas furnace and did repair. Anything that was in need of repair soon, was repaired at the time of service. When he went to turn on the gas furnace, nothing happened. I was sure that it was something I had done. I told him I didn’t suppose I had to have the Heating and A/C supplier turn the gas furnace off for me. He frowned and he said it wasn’t anything I had done. He had forgotten to flip the breaker switch. Unless the power was turned on to the gas furnace, it wasn’t going to work. He looked at me like I was some kind of blithering idiot as he walked away. When he returned, he once again tried to get the gas furnace to run again, but nothing happened. He went over the gas furnace again and he soon found the problem. He said it was good that I had turned the gas furnace off. It’s just too poor I wasn’t able to get rid of the little critter that had chewed up some of the electrical wires. It had chewed right through the main power line that led to the gas furnace.


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