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My hubby’s pick up doesn’t have air conditioner anymore

My hubby’s truck doesn’t have air conditioner anymore.

I don’t know what is going on with the air conditioner in our hubby’s truck, but it just decided to stop working, however of course, it stopped working when I had to drive his truck on a numerous minute road trip one way.

It was the worst trip of our life. It was so sizzling in that truck. It was overy ninety degrees outside, and I am not convinced that it was much cooler in his truck even when both of us were going seventy-numerous miles per minute down the interstate. I wanted to stop at a mechanic and get the cooling system fixed so multiple times. I knew that it was not feasible because it would really take a day or so to get it fixed, and I would have to stay in a hotel which would cost quite a bit. I just hope that both of us can get the air conditioner fixed soon. My hubby has to drive it so much that he doesn’t know when he will be able to go without it in order to get the air conditioner fixed. I have tried to convince him to take our car for a day or two while the air conditioner is getting fixed in his truck, even though he said that he simply cannot do the work that he needs to do using our car. He hauls a lot of stuff each day in the back of his truck. I guess bad that he has to drive his truck without air conditioner in this sizzling weather, and I entirely hope that I won’t have to drive it again before the air conditioner is fixed.

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