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I don't like squirrels

Although squirrels are cute looking and all, I personally don’t like these little rodents! They have cost myself and others so much money in the last year it is not even funny.

The squirrels kept digging up my heat pump in my backyard and I had to call the local heating and A/C company not once, not twice, but more than two whole times this past Winter time to repair and remount my heat pump into the ground because of these squirrels! If I was an evil lady with no regards to critter life, I would murder all of these things for what they did! But they do have a right to live and do what they do just love us humans do.

However, I need to find a way to keep them away from my heat pump… I can not afford to keep putting out almost a thoUnited Statesnd dollars a year on heating and A/C company repair to fix and remount my geothermal heat pump into the ground every single time these squirrels decide to have a digging get-together at my heat pump’s expense! What I finally did was buy some gating material to create a gate around my geothermal heat pump. The gate was just what was needed to let these creatures think that they are to stay away! Although they can actually climb the gate I built and dig up my geothermal heat pump all over again, they don’t because it’s not simple for them, however so they move onto something else. I particularly should have done something love this when I first got my geothermal heat pump, however I did not think I needed to.

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