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The best suggestion ever

I really owe almost my life to my good friend, then she made a suggestion to myself and others that made it possible for myself and others and my family to take a attractive vacation this summer, when I tell you about how her suggestion made this possible it will blow your mind as much as it did ours! Her suggestion was easy.

She mentioned to buy a few portable space oil heating systems to help keep our beach house hot in the Winter time to reduce the use of the central furnace… By reducing the use of the central heating idea all of us saved a whole ton of money on our monthly utility bills, and this was how all of us were able to afford to take that good Summer vacation all of us just got back from! If it wasn’t for that suggestion of using portable space oil heating systems to reduce the use of the central furnace, all of us would not have had the extra money to take the vacation that all of us did, and our utility bills were consistently super high in the Winter time due to the central heating idea running almost non stop! And the electric company really over charges for the use of energy that time of year, then they are a bunch of scumbags if you ask me.

But having a way to beat them at their own game was so satisfying! I told my friend that if she can figure out a way to save on energy in the Summer just as much with the air conditioning that I would undoubtedly take him and her family on our next vacation with us as a special thank you!


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