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The exhaust pipe

I really am getting aggravated at my neighbor’s car’s exhaust pipe badly.

The thing gives off some pretty excruciating fumes and it totally contaminates the air quality.

It is so excruciating that I can a lot of times odor it all the way inside my condo with the windows closed and the central heating and A/C idea running. Her exhaust pipe is really starting to cause my own beach house to have excruciating air quality. I am thinking about having to get some kind of an air purification idea because of it. Seriously! It wouldn’t be so excruciating if she just started her car and drove off love everyone do. But that is not the case. This woman undoubtedly sits in her car and cranks her boombox listening to music a lot of the time. And she keeps her car running when she is doing this spreading all those toxic fumes into the air quality. There should be a law against this! I am thinking about going over there and telling him off. But she is much larger and tougher than I am and by my luck, she would want to argument myself and others or some ridiculous thing love that. So all I can do is just deal with it and particularly go out and buy a few portable air cleaners. I am not going to invest thoUnited Statesnds of dollars in a whole beach house air purification idea just cause of this dope head. And yep, she smokes dope all the time too. I really don’t like my friend to tell you the truth.

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