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There is a mouse in there

I don’t even guess how this is happening, but there is a mouse storing food in the air ducts in our house, but i noticed that the other day when I was in the bedroom. I kept noticing that there was the odor of dog food coming out of the a/c vents every single time the air conditioning kicked on. I thought that this was weird, but then I also thought that there was a wonderful pick that I was imagining the whole thing. My husband always tells me that I think I have a super sense of odor and that I’m regularly imagining things that aren’t even definitely there. I don’t guess about that, but the whole thing with the dog food was certainly real. I odored it at least 4 different times throughout the course of the day, and then at 1 point I saw some movement out of the corner of our eye while I was laboring on food prep for the week, however the movement turned out to be a little brown mouse and he was rolling a piece of dog food across the bedroom floor in his front paws! It was like something out of a cartoon. I almost laughed, but then I realized where the mouse was going! He took the dog food over to the air conditioning vent and dropped it down the hole. Then he ran over to the pantry and disappeared. I think that he has some sort of a pantry going for himself anywhere in the basement and that he is accessing it anywhere through the pantry! What I don’t understand is how he is storing it in the ventilation system, which is supposed to be a closed circuit.


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