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Life used to be different

I was thinking the other day about how air conditioning and heating has come a long way technology wise, however back when I was growing up we did not have central HVAC, our heating was given by gas furnaces and our air conditioning was either non-existent or was given by window air conditioning systems.

  • In home growing up we had window air conditioning units all over the house.

When I think back to those mornings I have to say that I miss it a lot. I know that may sound crazy however it is true, and the reason I miss it is because window air conditioning systems had so little maintenance to perform on them unlike central HVAC systems. You did not have to even know about heat and a/c tune up and check ups. It was all cut and dry. You just kept the air filter clean and changed the window air conditioning unit and that was it! It would rarely ever break down, however and if it did, you would just take it to an electric repair shop (remember those?). It cost under one hundred dollars to repair a window air conditioning component if needed. This month with central HVAC systems you can end up spending thousands in the course of a few years on just Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance and also HVAC repair home services! Back then, you did not even have to worry or know about that. With the gas furnace if something went wrong most of the time you were able to repair it yourself. I certainly miss the old days.

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