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A fine day for a beach visit

One rule in capitalization has confused me recently.

It’s the rule that you aren’t supposed to capitalize words within a title of a work that are three or less letters long, unless they are verbs or they come at the beginning and the end of the title.

Now, I accepted this until I realized that you can make a title that has nothing but three letter words or smaller that have no verbs. It looks really awkward just capitalizing the first and last word in the case of such titles. I guess that’s just a peculiar capitalization rule that has been bugging me as a writer. Anyway, it was my intention to go to the beach today. It’s going to be generally sunny outside, and I desperately need some vitamin D! I didn’t go out quite as soon as I wanted to because I ended up falling asleep on my couch with my cats. There’s something about that air conditioner of mine that just lulls me back to sleep sometimes, because it feels so good. Anyway, after about an hour of snoozing, I grabbed all my beach equipment, got in my car, and headed over to the beach. It’s the middle of autumn, and the water is quite cold. However, this doesn’t deter me quite as much as you would think it would. In fact, I really enjoyed playing in the ice, cold surf! I get a lot of exercise swimming around in the cold water, and it feels really good on my skin. However, I absolutely love coming home to my furnace and letting it warm me up after such a cold dip in the ocean. I just love how effectively my furnace keeps me warm. Then, I pamper myself even more by having a hot bath!



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