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Confusion about capitalization

Rules about capitalization can confuse me sometimes. For example, I’ve heard that the rules concerning capitalization for the titles of stories say that you should not capitalize anything less than three letters unless they’re verbs. But my title has nothing but one and two and three letter words. Then what, am I going to capitalize just the first and last words? That seems a bit strange to me. If you have a really long title and only the first and last words are capitalized, it would look very strange. I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud here. I was going to head out to the beach, but I got a little lazy when my cat’s laid on me and I decided to take a nap with them for about an hour. My air conditioner was also humming and it lulled me to sleep. Now though, I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. I have another hour of freelance writing to do before I can get all my beach equipment and head to the beach. I desperately need that vitamin D while the sun is out there. it’s getting to the point in the year when it goes down faster, so I better catch it while it’s still there. I’m sure I’ll be running my furnace in no time as fall continues to bring the colder weather. You may think that I would stop going to the beach in such circumstances, but you’d be wrong. Ice cold water is actually quite bracing and refreshing, and it’s an amazing feeling to come back home to my toasty furnace and warm up. On top of that, I like having a nice hot bath after dips in the cold sea! It’s great fun, and my coworkers join me every now and then.

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