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Had a Cat Nap by my Cat in my Old Red Bed

Now I’ve heard some rules about capitalization for titles and some of them said not to capitalize anything less than three letters unless they’re verbs.

But what if your title is nothing but two and three letter words like mine? Then what, you only capitalize the first and last words? Seems a bit odd to me if you have a long title and only the first and last words capitalized.

I dunno, just thinking out loud here. I was going to hit the beach now but my cats got me to take a nap with them for an hour. My air conditioner was humming and it just put me to sleep, but now I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. I have another hour of work with this HVAC equipment writing stuff and then I am going to take my beach chair and go to the beach. I want to get some vitamin D while the sun is still strong as it is October and goes down quite early now. It won’t be long till we are running the furnace again and bundling up for the cold days. I will be in the sea every single day this winter for my energizing swims. They sting my skin when I go in for the swims but I feel so much better afterwards when I come home to my warm furnace making the house toasty for me. I also do a good long hot bath to warm myself up after coming back from the cold sea dips. It’s a good routine and my HVAC pro friend always joins me.


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