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The Sun is Heating Things up and It is Time to Get Outside

Today is a crisp October day and I am going to be out on the beach within the hour.

  • I need to get some fruit at the local business first and then I am off to put my feet in the sand.

I think today is about 75F outside and the skies are blue, so I am going to grab my little blue beach chair and head out to my favorite place. I first need to finish these articles and then I will hit the store for the fruit. I also need to drop by the heating and cooling corp to talk to the HVAC tech there about my AC unit. I had a huge power bill recently and I noticed that the flat is a lot colder than it used to be even though I have the air set on the same temperature. I think there is a problem with something but I don’t know what it could be. Maybe the smart thermostat has lost its brains and needs to be calibrated, or maybe the coils on the condenser are dirty and need to be cleaned again as it has been a long time since anyone came out. I think I need to buy a service plan again so that the HVAC company can stay on top of the maintenance. My landlord used to do it but they changed our leases and made us responsible for keeping the AC maintained and clean. I guess it is fine though because our rent is still fairly cheap. I’m off to the store now.



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