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Time for some much-needed outdoor relaxing

Today is a beautiful day and I am certainly interested in going out to the beach within the hour.

I need to get some produce at my local supermarket first, and then I’m off to stick my toes in the sand.

I think it’s about 75° outside, and the skies are clear and blue, so I’m going to grab all my beach gear and head out to my favorite spot. First, I need to finish some of the articles that I’m writing for my freelance job. I also needed to stop by the HVAC store today and talk to the HVAC employees about my air conditioner unit. I had a massive power bill recently, and I noticed that my apartment is a lot colder than it usually is, even though I’ve set the same temperature on the thermostat. I think that there is a significant problem but I’m not sure what it could be. Maybe the smart thermostat isn’t functioning properly and it has lost the ability to keep tabs on the actual temperature in the room. Maybe the coils on the condenser are dirty and need to be thoroughly cleaned. In any case, it’s been a long time since anyone’s come out to check. I think I may need to get a service plan so that my HVAC system will be well maintained throughout the year without me needing to remember to sign up for such things. My landlord expects everyone to maintain their own air conditioner, and that’s fine, because rent is quite cheap now. I’m off to the store now.

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