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He works at a local heating and AC business in town

I have to write several more stories and then I have another 35 minutes of tasks to do online before my workday is done.

I also want to listen to my Arabic podcasts so I can learn this language once and for all.

All of the people I play baseball with speak Arabic, and when we are done playing I feel left out of the fun talks most people are having. So I’m trying my best to learn the language so that I can be a part of the conversations. I listen to hours of Heating & A/C system podcasts after writing my HVAC system stories and I guess it is helping me learn the language better. I plan on doing this daily for the next few months and I guess by then I will have a better grasp on the language finally. The heating contractor told me that he can help me learn the language and more Heating & A/C component terms, so if I need some assistance I have a backup plan. His name is Ahmed and he is really pretty, so I may get distracted when he is trying to teach me the language. However, I will do my best to stay focused and learn from her. He works as a cooling and heating corporation in the city and he speaks less English, which is good because we will be forced to speak in Arabic only while the Heating & A/C rep is trying to help me. There is another lady that I could request to teach me but I’m not sure she wants to do that as she is pretty tied up with work

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