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I also make money teaching pilates and football

I’m looking forward to my next power bill to see how low it is.

We have not used anything but a fan to stay cool and have been taking chilly showers for a few months because our heating system broke down during spring. I am aware our last power bill was $170 for two months, so this coming bill should be about $130 I am figuring, which is nice because that is for two months of energy usage. The total cost to live in this flat is about $1250 for all bills, and my Heating and A/C worker roommate shoulders $650 of that each month. I cut her deal and dropped her rent by $150 recently because she works all the time but doesn’t make that much money at the local contractor in town. So, my bills per month are around $750 to live in this nice modern condo in the town center just a quarter mile from the sea. But if she moves out my Heating and A/C rep friend said he will pay $800 a month to live here, so that means I’d be down to about $450 for residing here, which includes all of the heating and cooling costs, plus wireless. The water bill is really low and food is about $350 a month, so that means I can live in this city for about $800 a month. I work for the HVAC corporation each week part time and then I also make money teaching pilates and teaching football. Our band plays each week and I also make some money from that gig.
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