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I have been working on cooling units for 15 years

I’m just trying to toil on myself and make my life how I want it

I asked out this girl Cate the other night to go to a bonfire, but she couldn’t make it. I got her number from my friend, as I forgot to request it from her when we took a long walk one afternoon. Yesterday, I deleted her number. I deleted it because I don’t want to message her in a moment of weakness and will wait for her to reach out. I like the girl but I’m getting neutral signals from her so I’ll put it on the backburner. Some men are really aggressive in this city in local corporations at night, trying to get the women to come home the night they meet. But I don’t like to play that game and am just more patient in general. My job at the Heating and A/C corporation gets me around people all the time. So, I just don’t feel that desperate to meet someone. I do a lot of air duct cleaning in homes and have met several women that way. The issue is I am a bit picky, which is why I’ve been alone the past year too. I’m a bit timid too, so that keeps me alone a lot, but I know things will change in time. I’m just trying to toil on myself and make my life how I want it. I’m 57 years old and work with the local contractor, and have been since I began laboring on heating devices 36 years ago. I would appreciate meeting someone I could spend the rest of my time with here on earth.

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