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I’d rather not be listening to the heating and AC running all day

I’ve got my workweek down to about 17 hours and that is in the sweet spot for me.

I discovered long ago that a 17 hour workweek is possible and is also excellent for someone like me who likes to play songs a lot.

I know some of my friends work longer hours a week and have no time to do anything. However, that kind of life doesn’t suit me as I need plenty of down time for myself. I have no teenagers, no car, and no household so that is one reason I can work so little. Heating system repairs is what I do each week for the local corporation and then I spend the rest of my time riding my bike, playing my drum and singing, or I just hang out with friends on the beach. I am 55 years old now and I guess that this path I have carved is going to be the same for the rest of my functional years. I know when I am 73 years old I won’t be an Heating and A/C tech anymore, and won’t be able to do much but clean my boiler filter and lay around the house. Perhaps I can still play the drums though and we can do gigs in the clubs around the city once in a while to provide me some energy. I don’t want to be just sitting in my home all afternoon staring at my air purification system system, or listening to the sound of my Heating and A/C system running as I study the newspaper.



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