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I got charged for an air conditioner that I do not own

I cannot believe that the HVAC technician honestly thought that I was going to fall for that.

  • Obviously, I am going to have to find a new HVAC company to hire.

If this is the kind of HVAC technician that this HVAC company is going to hire, then I want nothing to do with this HVAC company. Even after I told them what happened with the HVAC technician, they didn’t fire the HVAC technician. I got a refund, but this guy should have been fired for trying to rip me off by charging me for the repair of an HVAC unit that I literally do not own. I decided to call an HVAC technician in the spring. I had just turned the furnace off in my house, but I started noticing that the furnace was running poorly during the last few days. I would rather have the furnace fixed before the winter since I do not want to have to worry about it later. The HVAC company sent an HVAC technician to my house, and the HVAC technician fixed my furnace in record time. I still turned the furnace on to make sure that the furnace was working. The HVAC technician handed me the bill, and I paid the bill without even looking at it. I have never had problems with this HVAC company before, and I was expecting any dishonesty or anything like that. However, when I looked at the bill later, I noticed that the HVAC technician charged me for an HVAC repair that he hadn’t mentioned. According to him, there was a $400 repair for my central air conditioner. The only issue is that I do not own a central air conditioner, so that is literally impossible. He was trying to rip me off!
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