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Our HVAC company is always trying to fix problems that do not exist

I know that HVAC companies have to make money, but I honestly hate that our HVAC company tries to make money by charging me for things that I do not need.

  • If it was only this HVAC company that I am hiring, I would find a different HVAC company in our town, but I have discovered that nearly every HVAC company in our area does the exact same thing.

I guess that they technically could need the repair in the future, but when I hire an HVAC technician to fix my HVAC unit, I only want them to fix the problem that is causing the HVAC unit not to work. If there is a repair that might be needed in the future to keep my HVAC unit running, I would prefer that they ask me first before they just start doing the work. I want to know how expensive the repair is. I know that HVAC companies have to make a profit, but I do not want them to make a profit by dishonestly charging me for HVAC repairs that I do not need at the time. I would prefer that they explain why I might need the repair and what could happen in the future so that I could make an informed decision about the repair of my HVAC unit. However, I have still seen HVAC technicians try this on my HVAC units, so I have had to do research about HVAC units to understand what needs to be done. I also have made sure that the HVAC technicians have to get approval before performing any HVAC repairs on my HVAC units. I refuse to get overcharged or ripped off by the HVAC technician.


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