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My mother decided she wanted to grow cherry tomatoes indoors

My mother has always been big into planting numerous types of plants and gardening.

She is always sad towards the end of the year when everything comes to an end. She harvests the watermelons, the tomatoes, and peppers. She even gets sunflower seeds that she dries and salts, and those are delicious. She was telling me that she wants to grow cherry tomatoes indoors during the winter though. So I decided to try to help her out. We ended up getting a couple of grow tents for the garage, and I figured that she would need a good heating system to keep the garage warm enough for the tomatoes. I ended up reaching out to an HVAC company and had an HVAC professional come out to install a ductless mini split. The ductless mini split is great because it’s energy efficient and doesn’t require any ductwork. Now my mother is able to get the temperature control settings just right and she has started growing her cherry tomatoes for the winter season. She has some pretty good grow lights that help to keep her tomatoes growing strong, and the lights even provide a good amount of warmth to the plants. I’m really glad that I was able to help her out, and I have enjoyed some fruit from her harvest. I love eating cherry tomatoes, especially in a good salad! It’s also fun to hang out in the garage now because it’s always warm with her tomato crops growing in there. It used to be ice-cold every winter without having a working heating system.
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