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My mother was concerned when she saw my blood pressure was high

When my parents came to visit me, I noticed that my mother was always checking her blood pressure.

She said it was important to stay on top of that to make sure that everything was okay.

Then she asked if I wanted to check my blood pressure. I figured it couldn’t hurt, so I decided to give it a shot. She explained that I had to be calm and relax while getting my blood pressure checked. When the reading showed up, she was alarmed and said that I seemed to be experiencing hypertension. I didn’t think that could be right because I felt just fine. I told her to wait a minute and said I would adjust the temperature control settings to get the A/C system working. I wanted the temperature control settings to be just right so I could relax easily with the air conditioning. Then when the house was much cooler with the cooling air flowing from the HVAC vents, I took the blood pressure test again. Happily, my blood pressure was reading at a much lower reading, but it still indicated that I had high blood pressure. My mother recommended that I see my doctor. She said there were things I could do though, like adding superfoods to my diet. She said beets were especially healthy and great for weight loss and lowering blood pressure. After that, I decided to start drinking fruit smoothies with beets added. The next time I checked my blood pressure, I was in the safe zone! Thank goodness for adding beets to my diet and for the A/C system in my house!
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