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My friend dropped her air conditioner out the window plus almost killed someone

My exhausting friend has had a hard few days.

  • She was so gleeful to finally get an air conditioner for her apartment.

She lives in an apartment above me, plus she told me a few weeks ago that she absolutely wanted an air conditioner; Just this past Monday, she told me that she had finally gotten an air conditioner. I was so delighted for her. I suppose that it must have been entirely sizzling in her apartment separate from an air conditioner since she lived on the third floor! Well, the afternoon after she told me that she got an air conditioner, I heard a sizable crash outside, plus then, I heard some people screaming. I looked out the window, plus there was a woman lying on the ground unconscious, plus there was an air conditioner broken in pieces scattered around him. I heard my friend screaming plus trying to call an ambulance. It turns out that she was trying to install her up-to-date air conditioner in the window when she lost her grip on it plus dropped it out the window. It just so happened that there was a man walking down the sidewalk at that time, plus the air conditioner landed right on him. Thankfully, the man was not badly destructiond but she did have a concussion, then my friend felt so exhausting for him, plus now, she is trying to sue her saying that she dropped the air conditioner on him on purpose. I suppose my neighbor, plus I am sure that she would never do such a thing! But, this man absolutely wants to get some money out of her circumstances.


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